So You've Got Curves

When you've got curves, it can be hard to know how to best dress to flatter your figure. We believe in total body positivity here at DM Fashion. We believe that there are no bad bodies. And we believe in celebrating every figure. 

We've compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you dress your best so that you can always feel as amazing as you are. 


When it comes to fit, find a middle line between baggy and bursting at the seams.  All bodies deserve to be loved, flattered and dressed in amazing clothes so we suggest finding the perfect line between tight and loose — fitted. If you're scared to jump right to fitted, that's okay. Take baby steps until you find something that makes you feel amazing when you wear it. 

Knee Length:

Fashion experts across the board agree if you're looking for a length that flatters, aim for the knees. A skirt or dress that hits right at the knees gives you the best of both worlds. Knee length skirts are modest and universally flattering. If you're looking to make a big statement, try a high-waist, knee length pencil skirt.


The truth of the matter is this: sometimes something needs to be hemmed or taken in or out. We've yet to meet a woman who fits perfectly into everything she has ever tried on — even if everything is in her size. Sizing, in large, isn't standard or universal which means that after you've tried a size or two around your current size, you may need to get something tailored. 


If you're looking to look instantly slimmer, black is your color. If you're looking to make a splash, give red or yellow a try. Even if you don't think a particular shade is "your color" we say go for it if it makes you happy. You have the right to play with color and clothing that makes you happy. And while some colors, like black, are known primarily for the effect they have on the wearer's figure, we believe that you should give yourself the freedom to wear whatever you want. 


When you dress in clothing that you love, you feel good. Fashion is about self-expression and art and exploration and love. And while tips and tricks to exist to help you achieve the look you want, the most important thing to remember is this — when you feel good, you look good.  

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