Welcome to the DM Family!


Welcome to the DM Fashion Community for Daughters and Mothers! I am the owner and founder of DM Fashion, also known as Diviine Modestee. I am the mother of 3 beautiful and talented daughters, MaKenna, MaKennzie, and MaKailee. We, together as mother and daughter, have built this community to share our passion for modesty and the love we have to create. DM also stands for "Doing More" -- Our family is committed to each one of you! We hand pick every piece and create exclusive designs that you will love! We believe in hard work, sacrifice, inspiration, creation, enduring, laughing, and unconditional love! We believe all women are beautiful inside and out! DM is a place where we together can create a place where women can shop confidently and know our designs are created with you in mind to bring you joy!

Thank you for being here! DM Fashion would not be here without you!


Chantelle Thomson