Fun Recipes to Cook With Your Kids

Wintertime means a lot of time inside and when you start running out of activities to keep the little once occupied, start here. We gathered up a few of our favorite recipes to cook with our kids and nieces and nephews. We love the idea of cooking with the littles because it not only gives them life skills down the road, but it makes you the cool mom/aunt/grandma/cousin — trust us on that one.


Pretzel Power:

Some of my favorite childhood memories come from making pretzels with my mom and brothers. We would make them in all sorts of funny shapes and then dip them in nacho cheese when we were feeling really crazy. Get the recipes for these pretzels below and pull out the aprons — it's time to put Auntie Anne's out of business.

For the link to the recipe click here

Papa Pizza:

Ready to be crowned coolest parent? Give these mini pizzas a try. A healthier alternative to pizza rolls or pizza pockets, these yummy, saucy, bundles are just what you need to keep the little ones happy and full.

Get the full recipe by clicking here

The Big Apple:

If you're looking for a Pinterest worthy snack that will have you snapping pictures and coming back for seconds, here you go. These apple boats are a whole lot of fun to make, and a whole lot of fun to eat. Get even the pickiest eater excited about snack time when it looks like you can sail away on your snack.

Get the recipe and all the instructions here 


What other fun ideas do you have for cooking with kids? Share them with us in the comments below.

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