DIY Skin Care

Winter here in Utah has taken its toll on our skin. We've gone from summer glow to winter snow, which means our skin isn't quite as illustrious as normal. So, on a search for wintertime skin care help, we went to Target and grabbed a few facemasks. The chemicals in the facemasks that promised to hydrate our skin dried it out though, and if we want the model glow (like her) we knew we had to go old school. So we did it DIY style. 

DIY Mask One:

This first mask wasn't a full DIY. We bought that Aztec Clay that everyone has been freaking out about and we mixed it up in two batches — one with water and one with apple cider vinegar. First of all, the clay did really feel amazing. Both batches made our skin feel soft and tingly, but fair warning, the batch with apple cider vinegar left our skin VERY red for almost 6 hours afterward. 

DIY Mask Two:

For the second mask, we did the potato detox. This concept is pretty much as simple as it sounds. We took thinly sliced potatoes and laid them on our face for 30 minutes. While we didn't notice a huge difference, people with acne swear by this simple mask. 

DIY Mask Three:

For our third mask, we made our way to Pinterest and found a DIY mask there. We mixed equal parts pure aloe vera gel, honey, and coconut oil. We let this mask sit on our faces for about 20 minutes and then we washed it off with warm water. Of all of the skincare tricks with tried, this one was the winner for sure. Our skin felt amazing.


What winter skincare tips and tricks do you have? Share them with us in the comments below.

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