Proof that Pink is Pretty Much Perfect

Pink has long been a debated color, but the DM Fashion verdict is out: pink is in. From pastel pink to baby pink and tones of blush. we've stocked our shelves with some of the best shades of this popular color. 

Pale pinks are popular this year and this sherpa lined jacket is the perfect shade. Pairing great with any skin tone, a pink in this shade also compliments lots of other colors. The great thing about a pale pink is that it will go great with anything you've already got in your closet.


Playful pink finds its way into patterns and your sweater weather dreams come true. Darker pinks compliment whites, creams, and tans. A striped sweater like this pairs perfectly with your favorite pair of blue jeans or a beige skirt. Looking for a fun outfit combo? Pop on your favorite pair of pink shoes when you rock a pink top.

Rose pink is a great color when you need a more sophisticated pink. More adult than a bubblegum or a neon, rose pink is classic. Everything from a formal dress to a hoodie takes a turn for sophistication when it comes in this pretty shade of pink.

Pink haters, this shade is for you. This pale blush pink is a great way to break the ice and join the pink parade. Pale blush pink is universally flattering and the light color is a great way to give pink a try. Cautiously committing? Start here.

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