Women Who Inspire: Stephanie Nielson

Stephanie Nielson is reminding us again and again of where true beauty comes from. It is the strength, grace and joy that she lives out her life that makes her truly stunning. 

A wife and mother of 5, Stephanie, portrays life as a celebration, especially in her role as a mother. She lives with the conviction that being a mommy to her 5 little ones is “the highest calling on earth: a job full of color and vibrancy and of the utmost importance.” 

But in 2008 Stephanie’s life changed. After a plane crash that left her in a 3 month coma and with 80% of her body burned, Stephanie was faced with redefining how she saw the world and even more so, how the world would now see her. 

Well, like most, we see Stephanie’s beauty even more clearly than prior to the crash. Although her scars may never fully heal and she must daily face constant physical pain, Stephanie’s spirit shines brighter than ever. She walks confidently in pursuit of joy, and uses her story to uplift others, and challenge them to redefine their understanding of beauty—And don’t we need that reminder there and again? 

Our beauty as women is not found in the style of our hair, our make up routine or the clothes we buy. It comes from understanding where our worth truly comes from, and sharing our gifts and stories with others. What if we followed our friend Stephanie’s lead and dug into the hard places of life to find treasures and celebrated the path we were given to walk? That’s the style we want to be known for. What about you?

You can find Stephanie on Instagram at: @nieniedialogues 

Images from: http://www.nieniedialogues.com 

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