The Story Behind our Logo.

When we sat down to create our logo we wanted it to be something that was a visible representation of what we stand for as a company. That’s why we wove the heart of DM Fashion smack dab in the middle of our logo. 

Look close, a little closer— Okay not THAT close ;) 

Do you see it? Within the heart of our mark, do you see the Mother and Daughter embracing? If you’re like us, some of our fondest memories were those that involved “Girl’s Nights Out”, with our Moms— which almost always included a little shopping. So our logo points back to those formative outings, where we learned what kind of woman we wanted to become, thanks to Mom. 

At DM Fashion we’re intentional about ensuring any woman at any age can shop with us and find something they not only love, but feel confident and beautiful in. So grab Mom, Grandma, your Sis or your Daughter and do a little shopping with us— You all are DM Fashion Women.

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