Women Who Inspire: Al Carraway

Meet Al Carraway, or as you might know here, “The Tattooed Mormon”. 

Al is a vibrant soul who originally hails from New York, Al has dedicated her life to spreading the joy and confidence she has found in her faith and spreading a message of love. 

At first look, Al is not your typical LDS member. As she recalls her first day in Utah, it was obvious that people noticed. She was standing in line at Cafe Rio holding a biography of a prophet, when a man approached he saying, “You know it’s pretty ironic that you look the way you do and you’re holding that book.” As it fits with Al’s character, she responded in love and explained her situation— She was a recent convert and it was her very first day in Utah. 

While that memory may be distant now, Al has made her “irony” a strength to her testimony. Al is now a successful speaker, blogger and author. Her message is one that points us to see our unique challenges, weaknesses and stories as a tool to love others well and pushes us to see past first impressions and see the beauty inside each of us. 

Again, we are reminded by Al, that while we may love to shop and fill our closets, our clothes aren’t where our beauty comes from. Rather, they are a tool to allow us to confidently step out into the world and love others and point them to true joy. After all, “The breath of living is giving”. 


You can find Al on Instagram at: @22AlFox

Images taken from: https://www.alcarraway.com

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