Turning your Fall Wardrobe Into Winter Wear

Winter is here and if you’re wading through as much snow as we are, you may be looking for ways to wear your favorite fall items and still brave the cold. With a few simple tips and tricks, we can help you turn your fall wardrobe into winter wear that you can rock all season long.

Keep It Tight

Have a favorite fall dress you just can’t bring yourself to pack away? Try adding tights. Your knee-length dresses and skirts can be paired with your favorite pair of tights to keep your legs warm. Tights come in all different colors, textures, and patterns so have fun. Looking for a little inspiration? Imagine the Sycamore Mustard Yellow Corduroy Skirt with a pair of sweater-knit cream tights and ankle boots. Sounds pretty amazing, right??

Layer Up

Cardigans and sweaters are a winter weather must. Not only are this season’s cardigans incredibly cute, but you can use a cardigan to extend the life of your favorite short-sleeve tee or dress. Cardigans range from thin to chunky and come in all different colors. Use a cardigan to layer add color to an outfit when you pair a pink cardigan with a classic striped tee.

Pull Over

If you prefer sweaters over cardigans, you’re in luck. Layering is big this year and you can use a tighter tee underneath a sweater to give you a subtle layered look. We are big fans of patterned shirts peeking out from the bottom of chunky knit sweaters or solid colored tees underneath patterned sweaters. Layering this way is a great way to stay warm and show off a little bit of your personal style.

Warm it Up

Staying warm doesn’t have to be a bulky mess. When you have fall clothes that you want to wear all winter, a jacket or coat is always an easy solution. When it comes to outer layers we have one piece of advice — buy a coat that you love. Coats last a long time and chances are you’ll be sporting this item for more than one winter. This season sherpa is hot, so get in on this trend with a sherpa jacket or pullover.

For all your fashion-forward winter wear needs, hop over to our website dmfashion.com. How did you take your wardrobe from fall to winter this year? We want to know. Give us your best ideas in the comment section below.

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