The Process of Creating Our Exclusive Prints

Did you know all our prints are exclusive? 

Here is how the process works:


Step 1: We decide the new colors for each year.


Step 2: We meet with our international graphic designer.


Step 3: The owner and her team bring sketches of florals, polka dots, stripes, and other graphics that will be unique to DM.


Step 4: The prints are designed on a digital file. 


Step 5: The colors are changed or altered if needed.


Step 6: The print file is sent to our manufacturer.


Step 7: The pattern is put on a print screening.


Step 8: A suit is then produced and a strike off is sent back to the owner where she and her team approve the quality and colors. Part of what we do to check the quality of our suits includes soaking them in a pool. This helps us know the fabric, prints, ribbons, and embroidery can withstand your fun in the sun. 


Step 9: Once approved, the print is then protected with a coating so it does not fade easily and the colors will not bleed.


Your swim suit print is exclusive and will not be found anywhere else! Your suit is made of high quality fabric that will not fade easily or wear out. Customers rave their swimsuits have lasted them 3-4 years!

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  • SaRah

    Thanks for sharing that; so interesting! I have never seen cuter swimsuits than yours. Some years I like better than others, but they are ALWAYS adorable!

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