A DM Guide to Fourth of July Traditions

The Fourth of July is a day that celebrates the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation and the best way to celebrate is to spend the day with family and friends. Fourth of July traditions are some of our favorite memories, from parades to pool parties, food, and games. We wanted to share some ideas for Fourth of July traditions that you could add to the mix of festivities this year. 

We have created a whole Pinterest board packed-full of ideas, but here are our top 5 favorites.


#1 Backyard Games

When your kids toes are pruned from swimming all day, take a break and play a fun backyard game. These games are easy and fun to put together for a wide range of ages.

Get the details HERE.

#2: Printables

Intertwine education on the reason for the day of celebration with word searches, bingo, and other printable games fun for kids and adults.

Get the details HERE

#3: Patriotic Backdrops

Have the perfect backdrop set up for photos and food arrangements to celebrate Independence. This idea is easy, cute, and could work in lots of different areas of your home.  

Get the details HERE

#4: Snacks

The best part of every holiday is the food. Make these perfectly patriotic treats and your family and guests will have full tummies all day long. 

Get the details HERE

#5: Crafts

Keep your little ones and older kids busy all afternoon with crafts that are full of red, white, and blue. 

Get the details HERE

Check out our full Pinterest board HERE



We hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating our country and our freedom. America, you're beautiful!

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