How to #GetAfterGrateful this November

At DM we are big believers that gratitude unlocks fullness of life, and so every year when November rolls around our hearts become full as thankfulness is put in the spotlight. We each have so much to be grateful for, and in turn so much to give. In fact, that’s why we created the Divine Deed Fund— a fun that will go towards blessing thousands when it reaches $1 million. 

Did you know your purchase at DM Fashion helps grow the Divine Deed Fund? You're investing in the lives of others while you shop! More on The Divine Deed Fund is to come! For now, we want to help you #GetAfterGrateful this November and invite you to join us in making gratitude a year-long practice!

List It out! 

Look back on the year and list out all the things you are grateful for— We promise your heart will be full afterwards. It could be anything from finding that perfect pair of jeans, to adding to your family, to getting to experience a new place!

Treat someone else. 

Self Care is HUGE, treat yo’self, right? But sometimes you’ve got to treat someone else. So take some time to look for ways to love on a friend, a family member, or even a stranger in a meaningful way! Maybe it means paying it forward in the drive through line, or taking a girlfriend on a shopping spree, but whatever it is, it’s a way to show your grateful for the gifts you’ve been blessed with!

Remind yourself 

We all need a reminder of all that we have to be grateful for sometimes. So take that list you made and break out the craft box. It’s time to make a thankfulness garland! 

Bless others. 

Our list wouldn't be complete without encouraging you to take some time to donate, whether it be in time or money, to a cause close to your heart. It is in giving back to the organizations  making an impact that we show we’re grateful for the work they do and stand with them in their fight to make the world a better place.

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