Building Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is quickly welcoming its way into our homes-- Christmas music is beginning to play, lights decorate the streets in the evening and soon we'll be cutting down trees and dusting off snow from our boots. Our hearts are definitely ready to welcome in the glowing season, but is your wardrobe?

If you're like us, you're probably thinking it's time to spruce up the closet and maybe wondering where you stored away all of your winter favorites from last year (We swear our closet eats our favorite styles sometimes!). 

Don't loose that winter cheer quite yet, though! We're here to help! Check out our checklist of must-have winter basics to get you through "Jack Frost nipping at your nose". 

1. Your Go-To Jacket 

Obviously. You won't make it far in a winter wonderland without a stylish little thing to keep you warm!

2. Layers

Layers are your friend, love! Here are a few that will bundle you in style!

3. A Pair of Booties for those Holiday Parties 

You can't wear those snow boots to the party! Treat yourself to some booties to pair with tights and a dress or your favorite pantsuit!

4. An Army of Cozy Sweaters 

Winter is prime-time for snuggles and fireside chats. Make sure you're ready to embrace the cozy. 

5. A Show-stopping Dress 

From Thanksgiving and Friends-giving to Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, and NYE, there are a plethora of events to attend this season! Make a statement in a show stopping dress.

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