Where This Started.

Have you ever put on a swim suit and looked in the mirror and just though… “Ugh”. It (unfortunately) seems to be a right of passage for every woman, and it was this very ritual that spurred DM Fashion to evolve into the company it is today. 

You see our founder, Chantelle Thompson, was convinced that it was entirely possible to have a swim suit that was modest + cute + comfortable + flattering + and just the right amount of sexy all at the same time, but all that her and her friends could find were either tiny triangle bikinis or suits that looked more like scuba suits than beach wear. 

After going on a 10 year anniversary beach trip with her husband, where she seemed to spend more time adjusting her suit than actually enjoying the beach, she had enough. Chantelle expanded her very young company that was specializing in comfortable and modest tees, to include her first line of swimwear. 

Looking back on taking on the beast of swim fashion, Chantelle laughs saying “ I really had no idea what I was doing, but I knew something had to change”. So she jumped in head first, and we are so glad she did, because here we are today. 

We come back to the same idea that created DM Fashion’s Swim line every year— How can we make women their most confident in their swimsuit? Answering that question year after year, fills us with such thankfulness— that we get to be apart of your BOLD story. 

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