The Mariah - DM Exclusive

The DM Exclusive Details!

At DM Fashion it is our goal to give you quality and comfort, while still looking fabulous! We have a special love for our exclusive designs because they combine all of these attributes to give you a one of a kind design! 

Introducing a new DM Exclusive- The Mariah! Every woman wants a cute and flattering “Little Black Dress” in her closet! This design was created with women in mind! Every detail has been thought of from the choice of fabric to the embroidered sleeves. The fabric is high quality, has stretch, is forgiving, and fits well on any body type and shape! The Mariah has an A-line shape skirt for small and larger hips, and the sleeves are lined so the embroidery does not itch! It’s all these thoughtful details that went into this design that makes it a statement piece when you wear it. Also perfectly designed for smaller and larger breasts.

Our owner and designer creates beautiful pieces with you in mind. Her designs show an extreme attention to detail from the fabric quality, to the embroidery, to even the lining of the sleeves to give you a little extra comfort! 
The Mariah has quickly become a DM Fan Favorite and we hope you love it too! 
DM Fashion


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