Summer Must Haves

Summer is in full swing and we’ve got you covered for any kind of Summer adventure you’re embarking on. 
What is more iconic than a beach sunset? Nothing. So, it is only fitting that the perfect beach day outfit consists of our Sunset Stripe Tee. It is bright and bold, yet light and airy for days sitting on the hot sand. Pair it with our Tess Frayed Shorts and you have an effortless beach look. When the sand is roasting and you need a pair of sandals, the Flex Strappy Slingback Yellow Sandals are the perfect pair for the job. 
The most important part of your beach day ensemble is your swimming suit. The Off The Shoulder Ruffle Ruched One Piece in Cream Embroidery Floral is a must have. The cream color will make your Summer tan pop. No need to be worried about wearing this cream swimming suit because it is double lined and will not become see through after playing in the waves. The ruching will minimize and create a stunning figure and this suit can be worn in so many different ways. Wear it with the straps on, the straps off, the ruffle under your arms, or the ruffles pulled up onto your shoulders. No matter how you choose to wear it, this outfit will make your beach day the best.
Whether you are planning on relaxing in the sun or chasing kiddos around all day, this is the perfect outfit for a day by the pool. Our Zuma Pink Coral Top is a lightweight button up that is the perfect feminine and stylish top to wear to the pool. Pair it with a pair of our Remi High Waist Tie Shorts, and you are ready for the sun. This outfit combo is great because both pieces look great over a suit by themselves, or as a complete outfit. Add on our Kirk 2 Strap Black and White Sandal for the complete look.
The most important part of your outfit for a day by the pool is your swimming suit. Our Panel Square Neck Tankini Top is one of the best suits for the occasion. The neckline was designed to keep cleavage covered, so you can stay modest through waterslides, back flips, and chasing kids around the pool. The paneling sucks you in and creates a flattering shape. The ribbon straps allow you to customize how high you want the neckline to lay. Plus, the ribbons have been tested and they do not fade in the water! Mix and match this top with your favorite DM bottoms and you are ready for some sunshine.
Days at the lake are full of all of our favorite things: swimming suits, water, and sunshine. This outfit will make you the best dressed on the boat. Pair our Seaside Blue Stripe Tee with our Jodie High Waist Shorts and you are set. This combo looks good as individual pieces covering your swimming suit or as a combo. Since you have to take your shoes off when you get on the boat, you might as well wear the cutest pair possible. Add on our Daniella Platforms in Grey to create the the most stylish lake day outfit your gal pals have ever seen. 
The most important thing about a lake day is your swimming suit. You want to make sure when you fly off the tube your swimsuit keeps you covered. Our Ribbed Mesh Tankini is the perfect suit for the day. It will keep you covered, but the sheer fabric at top allows you to still get a tan. The Ribbed Mesh Stripe Tankini is the perfect mix of sporty and feminine and will get the job done while you are out on the water.
When your tan is fresh from a day out in the sun and you are about to go out to dinner, you need a stylish outfit to wear! This combo will emphasis your tan and make you look like you’re glowing. Pair the feminine Hilton Embroidered Top with our Sunny Days Ahead Frayed Bermudas in White. The detail of the embroidery and the waist tie make this outfit look put together, when in reality it is comfy and easy to wear. Our Sunny Days Ahead Frayed Bermudas are an essential for every day this Summer, but they pair beautifully with this top for a casual yet sophisticated look. Add our Doria Coral One Band Suede Slide to the outfit and they are the cherry on top. They have a small heel that makes this outfit look like they were made for Summer date nights.
No matter where your adventures take you this Summer, DM has the pieces for you to look fashionable and modest, while still being functional. 

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