Get The 411 On Our Scoop Neck Tie Back Swimmer

Get acquainted with one of our favorite modest swimsuits — the Scoop Neck Tie Back.  Our Scoop Neck Tie Back swimmer is one of our most popular suits, and it's easy to see why. Not only is this suit visually stunning, but it has also been strategically designed to fit and flatter a wide array of body shapes and sizes.
The scoop neck is flattering and stylish. It holds a classic appeal while also being trendy and modern. The tie back on the swimmer was created to add support without putting pressure or a strain on your back — which means no bulges or rolls. What makes this suit stand out most though, is the color blocking. By using a mix of colors and patterns this suit was strategically designed to be flattering on all body shapes and sizes.

The Scoop. 

This suit was created by Chantelle Thompson, our owner and lead designer. With a firm commitment to modesty and a desire to create something that all women could feel beautiful in, Chantelle created the Scoop Neck Tie Back swimsuit. As someone who believes that modest swimsuits can also be fun and fashionable, Chantelle brought this popular suit back in six color and pattern combinations this year. Her keen eye for detail means that this double lined suit hit our stores in such a wide variety of patterns and combos that every woman is bound to find something that she loves.


Color Me Impressed.

You can find this popular suit in the following colors and patterns:

Ash Blue Stripes

Black Gingham

Dahlia Rose

Dusty Pink Waterfall Stripes

Glow Stripe

Victorian Garden 


Modesty Movement.

Chantelle and her team committed from the beginning of this company, over 10 years ago, to always bring you modest swimsuits that were stylish and affordable. Modesty means more than just covering certain areas though. Integrated into the design of this Scoop Neck Tie Back Swimsuit, and all of our other swimmers, are a few features that make sure you are comfortable and modest while you're on the move. That means whether you're chasing little kids around the pool, or paddle boarding in Mexico, our suits keep you 100% covered.

Our modest swimsuits offer:

  • Full chest coverage and bra support for A-DD
  • Full bum coverage
  • Double lining so nothing is ever seethrough
  • Adjustable straps so long and short torsos are covered


It Suits You.

Women of all shapes and sizes are falling in love with our swimmers every year, and the Scoop Neck Tie Back suit is no exception. When women come into our store or ask us online which suit they should try, we always reccomend this one because it really is so universally flattering. 

But you don't have to take our word for it. 

I honestly never loved a swimsuit until now. I've always dreaded wearing a swimsuit and being in on — but I LOVE my DM Fashion suit. I love how it looks and I love how I feel when I wear it!  It covers all the right places, it's comfortable, and it's trendy. -Beccah B





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