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We get many questions about DM Fashion and how it all started.  In 2004 Chantelle Thomson the owner started Diviine ModesTee, now known as DM Fashion. The word “Diviine” means to be good or kind. She felt this would be a good reminder each day to live up to this standard. After the company was started with basic under tees, Chantelle found that ladies had different body types and not every body shape is the same. Many of her friends were struggling with finding the perfect fit in a swimsuit. They found bridal shopping and swimsuit shopping equally frustrating. Chantelle took this to heart and designed 4 swimsuit styles in 2006. They were beautifully made and fit perfectly for many different body types. The demand was overwhelming and has not slowed down. This growing business has now over 16 swim styles and she has designed her own clothing line as well.  Women love her swimsuits and caused a great demand that Costco stores picked up her swim line Divinita  Sole Swimwear in the Western Region. Divinita Sole is a regular appearance every Spring and Summer since 2009 in Costco. Our company continues to grow and expand their line of swimwear with the concept of mix and match options to design your perfect suit.


DM Fashion’s passion is to create clothing and swimwear that fits beautifully with high quality fabrics, trendy designs, modesty and reasonable prices. DM Fashion is becoming a household name.


DM Fashion in 2015 created a Non-Profit Organization. It is known as the Diviine Deed Fund. This fund was created to help and assist the poor, needy, down trodden, and the hands that hang down. It has always been a dream of Chantelle Thomson to build a company that gives back and serves others. DM Fashion donates 10% of every sale to the Diviine Deed Fund.  


DM Fashion is committed to designing and maintaining high standard of integrity and quality in all our designs.  We are grateful for our loyal customers who come back year after year and that is why we now have a rewards program that you can earn points for every purchase and get discounts rewarded for shopping with us.  We also are grateful for you and visiting our online store today. We hope you find some amazing items that will make you feel beautiful.  Because we think you are worth it!